About VIDBOX Inc.

Founded in 2015, VIDBOX Inc. specializes in developing and distributing consumer video and audio transfer products in addition to other consumer technology products. The company handles mass production, in-house fulfillment, distribution, customer support, and reverse logistics. Since purchasing the premier solution provider for digital video and audio software, Honestech Inc., in February of 2015, VIDBOX Inc. has secured distribution channels, on-boarded experienced personnel, established warehouse infrastructure, and cultivated strong relationships with retail partners including Best Buy and Walmart. These achievements enabled prosperous launches for the company’s analog to digital conversion products.

Our passion is to help our customers capture and preserve memories and life events, and we are continually looking to the future with a vision of developing audio and video capturing products for simple, everyday use.

Jay Choi / CEO


Video Transfer Products

Old videos begin to have color bleed, white spots, and other distortions. Made for PC or Mac users, VIDBOX Video Conversion has been created to provide users with the software and hardware needed to convert VHS tapes, MiniDV, 8 mm film, 16 mm film, and more into a digital format. Step-by-step pictorial instructions guide the user through the process, supporting English, and French languages.

Audio Transfer Products

Cassette tapes, just like VHS, will weaken with age and cause distortion of sound. The VIDBOX Music Transfer Solution allows users to revive an old music collection by converting audio into MP3, WAV files, audio CDs and MP3 CDs. Available for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Vista, the music transfer software supports English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German languages.


Jay Choi

CEO and President

Jay Choi is the founder and CEO of VIDBOX Inc., and he is a technology industry veteran with over 20 years of international revenue experience in OEM, retail, and distribution at leading consumer software and hardware companies. He has held key positions at large multinational public and private organizations in the areas of digital content and multimedia software, consumer electronics and PC hardware. He has global and industry leading experience in supply chain management where he oversaw operations and manufacturing in U.S., Mexico, China, Malaysia, U.K., and Korea. Prior to VIDBOX, he worked as managing director at Honestech Inc., and a Global Operations Manager for Visual Display Division at Samsung Electronics.

Michael Romanies

VP and General Manager

Michael Romanies joined VIDBOX as the Vice President and General Manager. As a GM, is responsible for building a strategy to effectively deliver exceptional products and services for our customers, efficiently. Create an empowering operation and effectively leads and directs manufacturing operations by engaging and inspiring their team of functional managers and supervisors to deliver excellence. Michael is a hands-on Executive with more than 25 years experience profitably driving marketing, branding, sales, operations, and fundraising for public and private companies ranging from start-ups and turn-around situations to divisions of multi-billion dollar multi-national entities